Synswap provides each member of the network with a dedicated interface, offering them the possibility to monitor their trades, collateral and cash flows processed through the platform.

Accessible via a website, Synswap integrates easily with your systems and doesn't require to replace your existing infrastructure.

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By using Synswap, sell-side dealers, buy-side institutions and regulators can enjoy a wide range of benefits

Cost reduction

Synswap drastically reduces your costs: processes automation reduces operational costs ; superior risk mitigation techniques reduce capital requirements and disintermediation of third-parties eliminates their fees.

Superior risk mitigation mechanisms

Synswap removes manual interventions from all risk mitigation processes and implements automatic daily mechanisms for non-cleared and cleared trades including reconciliation, collateral exchange, netting and compression.

Automated trade processing

Blockchain technology enables automation and self-enforcement of complex logic. Synswap leverages this technology and all functionalities linked to OTC derivative swaps, such as lifecycle events, collateral exchange and mark-to-market models, are directly coded into smart contracts.

Risk reduction

Synswap removes all risks linked to third-party service provider and reduces counterparty, operational and systemic risks.

Regulatory transparency

Synswap enables regulators to be members of the platform, offering them with full transparency of the OTC market and thus removing the costly and inefficient reporting step.

Confidentiality and privacy

Synswap preserves trade confidentiality and data privacy. Access to trade details is restricted to the trade's counterparts, regulators and auditors.