FIA to Feature Synswap in Innovators Pavilion

FIA announced that Synswap is one of 20 companies chosen to exhibit in the Innovators Pavilion at the 33rd Annual FIA Expo in Chicago October 17 – 19. Innovators Pavilion showcases startup companies providing forward-thinking solutions for the futures, options and cleared swaps industry. Synswap was chosen from a competitive pool of applicants to showcase its blockchain-driven platform processing derivatives to more than […]

Synswap completes a successful MVP of cleared and non-cleared CDS processed through its platform

Synswap aims to provide a better infrastructure to the OTC derivatives market by replacing a fragmented, costly and inefficient post-trade workflow with a simplified and streamlined process. Built on Hyperledger Fabric, Synswap’s MVP marks a milestone on the path towards the processing of derivatives with distributed ledger technology. The demo simulates a peer-to-peer network run […]

Decentralised clearing

Ever since the financial crisis, regulators have been pushing central clearing to remove counterparty risk and reduce systemic risk. However, as a higher proportion of swaps is cleared through CCPs, clearing houses are concentrating risk on their own balance sheet. Synswap disrupts this central clearing model and uses blockchain technology to disintermediate CCPs. Decentralised clearing […]

Streamlined workflow

Today’s post-trade workflow of OTC derivatives swaps is highly fragmented, with siloed systems and third-party service providers handling each step of the process. Synswap is a single platform for cleared and non-cleared swaps, designed to streamline the entire post-trade process. Key features include automatic matching, confirmation, collateral management, netting, compression and recordkeeping. ​ Leveraging blockchain […]

Synswap joins DXC Technology Digital Shaker

The merger of CSC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services has created DXC Technology, the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. DXC Digital Shaker has been created to support the most innovative startups working on digital transformation. Synswap and DXC Digital Shaker will be […]